Monday, May 16, 2011

Twizzy: Renault build a four-wheeled electric scooter!

Renault Twizzy Renault Twizzy
The Renault Twizzy electric scooter will go on sale in Europe by the end of this year

So what’s a Renault doing here on Faster and Faster? Well, despite the fact that it has four wheels, the Twizzy isn’t really a car – it’s actually a scooter. Yes indeed, the Twizzy is, officially, an electric quadricycle - a battery-powered scooter that rides on four wheels. Available in two versions – the Urban and the Technik – the Twizzy is fitted with an electric motor that produces 17 horsepower and 57Nm of torque. And, when it goes on sale in Europe at the end of this year, this little runabout will be priced at £6,690 (7,600 euros) for the Urban version and £7,400 (8,400 euros) for the Technic. Owners will also have to pay a £40 monthly fee for leasing the Twizzy’s lithium-ion battery.

So why the Twizzy? Well, with its ultra-compact dimensions, the lightweight (kerb weight is 450 kilos) Renault Twizzy should be easy to park and manoeuvre through traffic-clogged streets. It can seat two people in tandem (one behind the other, like a bike, rather than side by side as in a car...) and is likely to offer higher inherent levels of safety as compared to a conventional scooter or a motorcycle. Plus, it also looks super cool!

According to Renault, the Twizzy’s battery can be fully charged in less than four hours and the vehicle has a range of 100km with a full charge, which should be more than adequate for most people. Top speed, though, is only 80km/h so you probably shouldn’t think about pitting your Renault Twizzy against your neighbour’s Suzuki GSX-R1000. Still, we absolutely love the Twizzy and we have to buy one as soon as we can. For more details on this fabulous little electric scooter, visit the official website here

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