Thursday, June 30, 2011

Icon Sheene to make an appearance at the 2011 Cholmondeley Pageant of Power

The 250bhp Icon Sheene will put on a show at this year's CPP...
Icon Sheene Icon Sheene Icon Sheene Icon Sheene Icon Sheene Icon Sheene

Those who’re lucky enough to be able to visit the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power, to be held in Cheshire, in the UK, from the 15th to the 17th of July this year, will see an impressive array of high-performance motorcycles there. Among the more notable machines will be racebikes from MZ, Kreidler and Ringhini, a 1977 factory Kawasaki KR750 inline-triple (raced by Yvon DuHamel), a 2004 Fila Ducati 999R and various other machines from BSA, Cagiva, Gilera, Indian, Norton, Seeley, Triumph and Velocette.

Also putting in an appearance will be the limited-edition Icon Sheene, which is fitted with a turbocharged 1400cc Suzuki engine that produces more than 250 horsepower. With a top speed of more than 320km/h, the Icon Sheene – only 52 units of which will ever be built – costs a stratospheric £107,000 and is ugly as sin.

‘I believe the Icon Sheene is a fitting tribute to Barry and I’m very fortunate to have his family’s backing for the project. Because Barry was so extraordinary, I knew my bike had to be, too. So it’s handmade in Britain, it features extreme levels of power and performance and it’s massively entertaining to ride hard. The Icon Sheene is a new breed of road bike, the ultrabike. I think Barry would have approved,’ says Andrew Morris, founder of Icon Motorcycles.

‘To have a motorcycle designed, built and dedicated to the memory of Barry is the ultimate accolade. I know he would have had fun being involved with this project. If you are lucky enough to become an owner of one of these rare motorcycles, remember, life is for living and bikes are for riding,’ says Barry’s wife, Stephanie. ‘I am so very pleased the Icon Sheene has been sculptured, a living, shrieking, whirlwind of a tribute to a great man,’ adds Barry’s friend and one time teammate, Steve Parrish.

We don’t really see any connection whatsoever between Barry Sheene and the Icon Sheene, but we wouldn’t argue with the bike’s 250 horsepower and 320km/h top speed. That said, the bike below is the Sheene tribute bike that we love best!

Chris Vermeulen rode this Suzuki GSV-R (above) in the 2007 Aussie MotoGP. We think the bike looks gorgeous. Suzuki should do a GSX-R1000 with this paint scheme!

...and here's the Icon Sheene in action

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Anonymous said...

I think Barry is rolling over in his grave. I wonder if this guy got the Sheene family backing before it was built. I also wonder if they regret it.

This is one spectacularly ugly bike.

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