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John McGuinness secures 16th IoM TT victory

John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT
Honda TT Legends' John McGuinness won the 2011 Superbike race at the IoM, while his teammate Keith Amor took fourth place in the race despite an injured shoulder...

The 2011 Isle of Man TT began in spectacular style for the Honda TT Legends team as John McGuinness led the majority of the six-lap Superbike race to secure victory, taking his tally of TT wins to 16. His teammate Keith Amor also put in a heroic performance, riding through the pain of an injured shoulder, finishing in fourth position on his Honda Fireblade.

‘I am speechless. I feel like I am dreaming. It looked like it was going to be a mega-close race to begin with. Bruce was really pushing hard at the beginning there and we lost some time but we had a great pit stop, went back out and got the lead back. I did six good laps, I didn’t make any mistakes and we had two terrific pit stops by a fantastic team. They put a lot of faith in me and I put a lot of faith in them and it paid off. Somebody said to me today if you get that 16th win it will be sweet 16 – and it certainly feels sweet,’ said John McGuinness.

‘That was tough. That was tougher than the Bol d’Or 24-hour and I thought I would never do anything as hard as that again. I was really struggling, not only with my shoulder but with a problem selecting gears on the bike too. I was close to finishing after the first pit stop but we made the decision to keep going and a fourth place is the reward for that. I’m glad I carried on, but I’m also glad it’s over. I am so pleased for John though – he really deserves that win and it’s brilliant for the team. What a great day for Honda,’ said Keith Amor.

McGuinness’s 16th win marks the 56th TT victory for the Louth-based Honda team – the most amount of wins for any one team in TT history. With the top four places occupied by Honda and three of those places occupied by Honda TT Legends riders, it has certainly been a successful opening race for Honda. John McGuinness and Keith Amor will both compete for the Honda TT Legends in the Senior race on Friday, the 10th of June.

John McGuinness, possibly the bravest, fastest man on a motorcycle in the world!
John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT 2011 John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT 2011
Update: John McGuinness also won this year's Senior TT, his 17th victory at the Isle of Man. There's just no stopping this man...

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