Friday, June 03, 2011

KTM, Kalex to enter Moto3 in 2012

KTM will return to international motorcycle roadracing in 2012, in the Moto3 class

KTM have announced that their program for re-entering MotoGP in the new Moto3 class is on schedule – the company will have a team in Moto3 in 2012, in partnership with the Germany-based Kalex Engineering.

KTM’s Moto3 bike is being developed in-house by the company’s motorsports department in Mattighofen, Austria, and KTM engineer Wolfgang Felber is heading the team that’s working on the new racing bike. KTM will also supply engines to Kalex, whose bike is expected to be slightly different from the one developed by KTM. (Both bikes will be fitted with the same 250cc single-cylinder engine developed by KTM, but the KTM-Kalex bike is likely to have a different chassis and different suspension and braking components.)

Which riders will ride these KTM and KTM-Kalex Moto3 bikes hasn’t been decided yet, but that decision is likely to be taken within the next few weeks. ‘We approach our entry into the Moto3 class with confidence. Our own plans are right on schedule for a racing bike completely developed in Mattighofen, while at the same time we have also found the best possible partner, who will present our engine at a very high and professional level. Kalex Engineering is well positioned for this in every way and just like KTM is highly motivated to develop a bike capable of winning in the new Moto3 category,’ says Pit Beirer, who heads KTM Motorsports.

‘The exclusive partnership with KTM as supplier of engines is a big step forward for us. As we already have a good insight into the construction of the new KTM Moto3 engine, we feel certain that we have the best basis for the drive system for our own racing motorcycle. With this combination we can continue to build on the success we have enjoyed in the Moto2 class. We are very much looking forward to the development and the 2012 season,’ adds Alex Baumg√§rtel, Managing Director, Kalex Engineering.

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