Saturday, July 09, 2011

2012 Honda Gold Wing announced

Who needs a motorcycle so big and heavy, it comes fitted with an electronically actuated reverse gear?! Some do, apparently, so the Gold Wing has a reverse gear...
2012 Honda Gold Wing 2012 Honda Gold Wing 2012 Honda Gold Wing 2012 Honda Gold Wing 2012 Honda Gold Wing

Honda, which launched the very first Gold Wing touring bike back in 1975, has just announced the 2012 version. The bike keeps its 1.8-litre six-cylinder fuel-injected engine and box-section aluminium chassis, and new bits include a revised fairing, improved six-speaker audio system, a more efficient and accurate satellite navigation system and latest-generation anti-lock brakes (ABS). There’s even an optional airbag system on the bike, which boosts rider safety by another notch.

Project leader for the new Gold Wing, Yutaka Nakanishi has focused on a mild revamp of the styling, improved weather protection, super-plush ride quality and bits like the slow-speed electric reverse system (engaged via a handlebar mounted pushbutton…), electronic cruise-control and a motor-actuated throttle mechanism, all of which make it easier for the rider to handle the big, heavy Honda.

The 2012 Honda Gold Wing isn’t, of course, for us, but for long-distance riders who need the biggest, heaviest, plushest, most comfortable and most reliable motorcycle on the planet – and one that is fitted with almost every gadget and gizmo imaginable – we suppose the Gold Wing would still be hard to beat.


Bram said...

I don't think it will be the most reliable motorcycle.
All those electronics means that there are a lot more parts that can fail. E.g. that actuator that switches the bike into and out of reverse? What if it breaks and it is stuck in reverse? Good luck getting home.

Simple bikes are more reliable.

Anonymous said...

If everyone adopted the what if attitude we would all be walking everywhere. Yes the KISS rule is a good one(Keep it simple stupid). However if people care to take the time to look into the superior manufacturing of the Honda Goldwing they would realise that the money you pay is well worth it. I have had a Wing for several years and I have never had any issues, Honda makes sure that their research and developement is done before they are offered for sale. And just because they are advertised as big and heavy dont be fooled. Goldwing can outperform most of the standard tourers two up.

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