Monday, September 26, 2011

Honda develops new 670cc engine, next-gen DCT for midsize motorcycles

The 2012 Integra (above) will be the first bike that will be fitted with Honda's new 670cc parallel-twin and second-generation dual clutch transmission...
Honda Honda

Honda have announced the development of a new 670cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin for midsize motorcycles. The new engine has been developed for applications that require strong torque delivery at low to medium speeds and a high degree of fuel efficiency. Along with the new engine, Honda have also announced the development of their second-generation Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) for motorcycles.

According to Honda, their new 670cc engine delivers up to 27km/l in terms of fuel efficiency and can either be combined with a conventional six-speed gearbox or the company’s new, compact and lightweight DCT, which is smoother and more efficient than the earlier dual clutch transmission that was fitted on some Honda motorcycles like the VFR1200F.

The first motorcycle to feature the new 670cc engine will be the Honda Integra, which will be unveiled at the Milan motorcycle show in November this year. And while it looks a bit dull, the Integra just might be the future of motorcycling. According to Honda, an increasing number of riders are losing interest in supersports bikes. ‘What they want instead is a motorcycle that is first and foremost for daily use. It therefore needs to be practical, easy to handle, not expensive to run and able to deliver superlative cost performance whether touring leisurely around urban areas or making the most of a winding road,’ claim Honda.

The above is followed by some mumbo-jumbo about how the ‘fun user’ and the ‘commuter user’ are merging and how their needs are changing. And that is followed by some even more incredible stuff about how the new engine has been designed to ‘achieve a ride to suit cultivated tastes,’ after which our eyes glazed over and… yawn… snore


Anonymous said...

I see screw and lock nut Unicam 4 valve/cylinder design - Good for the do-it-yourself-er - fuel injection (not so good for the DIYer), and a strange exhaust set up, looking eerily like the built in header/manifold design of newer Civic's. This is not so good for performance gains with pipe changes.
Overall, I like the bike!

Givi said...

I love this bike!

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