Friday, September 02, 2011

Husqvarna release more details, pics of Nuda 900, Nuda 900R

The coolest Husqvarna in recent times? Yes, the Nuda!

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Husqvarna have released more pics and details of its new streetbikes, the Nuda 900 and Nuda 900R. ‘These exhilarating new models are the first to combine the history and race pedigree of Husqvarna, with the technological innovation and engineering prowess of the BMW Group, and the flair of Italian styling,’ says a press release from the company.

Husqvarna say the Nuda 900s can’t be shoehorned into any specific category. Instead, the company says, the Nuda 900s can be whatever you want them to be. Delivered as a crossover between a supermoto and a naked streetfigter, the Nuda 900 gets a black paintjob, while the Nuda 900R gets Husqvarna’s a more exuberant red and white competition colours.

Both Nuda bikes are fitted with the same parallel twin engine that’s based on the BMW F800R’s mill, which has been heavily modified to meet Husqvarna’s requirements. ‘Designed to reflect Husqvarna’s sporting pedigree, this new configuration not only delivers a more aggressive racing feel and sound at maximum performance, it also vastly improves the power and torque characteristics of the engine, not to forget the higher capacity of 900cc. Husqvarna has increased the power and torque (more than 100bhp and 100Nm), while managing to retain the linear, fluid nature of the power delivery at small throttle openings and low revs,’ says the press note from the company.

The Husqvarna Nuda 900 gets a 48mm Sachs fork and fully adjustable Sachs monoshock, both tuned for urban/city use and long-distance touring comfort. The Nuda 900R, on the other hand, gets a fully adjustable 48mm Sachs fork, fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock, a ride height adjuster and increased ground clearance compared with the basic Nuda 900. While both models have radial brake calipers, the Nuda 900R comes with Brembo monobloc brakes with 320mm discs.

According to Husqvarna, ergonomics and handling were a top priority for both Nuda 900s and the bikes have been engineered to keep weight distribution as close to the centre of gravity as possible. The bikes’ fuel tank is located under the seat, which allows the Nuda 900s – which weight 175kg dry – to be agile at low speeds and stable at higher speeds, with excellent cornering performance and ride comfort.

Pricing and availability details of the Nuda 900 duo, coming soon.


BlueStrada said...

This looks very cool for sure... Let's hope they do SOMETHING to hide that big and very ugly radiator!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 315° crank! Implemented to recreate "the sound and power delivery of a V-Twin"

Will it work as described... we'll have to wait and see

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