Tuesday, November 08, 2011

2012 Honda Crosstourer: First official pics, specs

Big, heavy, complicated. The 2012 Honda Crosstourer seems a bit pointless...
2012 Honda Crosstourer 2012 Honda Crosstourer 2012 Honda Crosstourer 2012 Honda Crosstourer

Honda have released the first official pics and details of the production-spec Crosstourer adventure tourer, which is fitted with a 1237cc V4 engine and features high-tech bits like traction control, dual clutch transmission and C-ABS.

The development team, led by Yosuke Hasegawa (Large Project Leader for the Crosstourer), wanted to create a machine that gave the rider a sense of challenge and adventure, a motorcycle that was fit for all purposes, a perfect travel companion. ‘The Crosstourer combines sports touring features, such as the powerful V4 engine (126 horsepower, 126Nm of torque) also found in the Honda VFR1200F, with features found on off-road motorcycles such as long travel suspension and an upright riding position for reassuring handling and grip. This crossover between two biking genres makes the Crosstourer a unique and versatile package,’ says a press note from Honda.

The 2012 Honda Crosstourer isn’t, perhaps, as deathly dull as the new Honda NC700S/X, but isn’t particularly interesting either. With its kerb weight of 275-285 kilos and complex V4 engine, the bike doesn’t seem to make much sense as an off-road machine. And for street use, we’re sure there are many other, much more capable sports tourers around. Nope, Honda simply don’t seem to be getting things right this year.

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