Thursday, November 03, 2011

EBR1190RS doesn’t have traction control, doesn’t need it

The EBR1190 doesn't have the ultra-sophisticated electronics of the S1000RR or RSV4 but that didn't stop it from winning the 2011 European Superbike championship!

Harald Kitsch, who won the 2011 European Superbike class (litre-class and above) aboard Erik Buell Racing’s EBR1190, has good things to say about his bike. ‘The competition, with the Japanese inline-fours, the BMW S1000RRs, Aprilia RSV4s and Ducati 1198s was really tough. But the EBR was once again a benchmark for everyone this year,’ said Kitsch, who claimed the championship with a final victory at the Oschersleben racetrack in Germany.

‘It is not easy to compete against the inline fours with a V-twin, especially when the competitors are armed with loads of electronics. But the EBR1190 has an incredible chassis and brakes and most of all, absolutely outstanding mechanical traction. That's the grip level our competitors try to generate with their gadgets. But traction control always means electronically closing the throttle, which most racers do not prefer if they can control themselves. The multiple wins with the EBR 1190RS show that if you have the right chassis, you don't need that,’ added Kitsch’s crew chief, Jens Krüper.

‘I got to ride my new 1190RS at Oschersleben and it´s a real superbike – extremely powerful and an unique piece of engineering and craftsmanship. Harald had a chance to ride both my street 1190RS and his race 1190 back to back and he could hardly believe how fast the streetbike was and how close in every way to his multiple championship-winning 1190,’ concluded Pegasus race team owner Thomas Wanner.

Incidentally, the 2012 EBR1190RS is now available, for US$40,000 (add $4,000 for the carbon package). New colours include ‘Abraxas Inferno’ and ‘Burnt Armor’ and, no, we have no idea what those would look like. But we do like the EBR1190’s 1190cc V-twin, which produces 175 horsepower at 9,750rpm and 129Nm of torque at 9,400 revs. The bike, which weighs 176kg, is the world’s only proper American superbike and we love it for the way it looks and performs. It's simply awesome!

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