Saturday, November 12, 2011

Honda VFR1200F gets a mild update for 2012

2012 Honda VFR1200F 2012 Honda VFR1200F 2012 Honda VFR1200F 2012 Honda VFR1200F 2012 Honda VFR1200F 2012 Honda VFR1200F
The Honda VFR1200F gets new colours, a slightly tweaked engine, revised ride-by-wire throttle and traction control with C-ABS for 2012...

Honda have announced some minor updates for the 2012 VFR1200F. ‘The engine now offers even greater performance, with significantly more refined torque between 2,000-4,000rpm. Changes to the PGM-FI fuel injection system, combined with increased tank capacity, mean the VFR1200F can now travel more than 300km on a single tank of petrol. A more comfortable seat and the adoption of traction control [which works in conjunction with the bike’s C-ABS] further enhance the bike’s all-round capabilities,’ says a press note from Honda.

The 2012 Honda VFR1200F is also available with optional dual clutch transmission, which has been upgraded and is now supposed to offer smoother, seamless gear changes in any of its three riding modes. ‘Using two electronically controlled clutches, the system offers the choice of manual gear shifting and two fully automatic modes, one for general use (D-mode) and another for high performance riding (S-mode). The VF1200F Dual Clutch Transmission also features new software logic with added functionality,’ claim Honda.

With its bulbous styling and 277kg kerb weight, the VFR1200F is definitely no sportsbike, but its 169bhp, 129Nm V4, Honda-spec refinement comfortable long-distance ergonomics make it a decent sports-tourer and if anything, Honda seem to have improved the big VFR a bit for 2012.

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