Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ryno: On one wheel and a prayer

Ryno one-wheeled scooter Ryno one-wheeled scooter Ryno one-wheeled scooter
Ryno one-wheeled scooter Ryno one-wheeled scooter Ryno one-wheeled scooter
The one-wheeled Ryno looks cool and seems to function well...

Why have two wheels when you can work with just one? Well, we can think of a lot of reasons but Tony Ozrelic, the one-wheeled Ryno’s software programmer, may not agree with those. ‘What is the simplest thing that could possibly work,’ is the question Ozrelic asked himself when engineering the Ryno’s software and hardware. ‘Tony noticed how a lot of first-time Segway riders were slow to trust its auto-balance technology. They’d try to balance the machine themselves, instead of letting it do the work, resulting in both wild, jerking oscillations and terrified riders. So when Ozrelic designed the balancing and steering technology for the Ryno, he knew he should leverage our natural instincts to balance ourselves for a smooth and intuitive ride,’ says a blog post on the company’s website.

‘To me, it just stands to reason. You’ve been balancing since you’ve been able to walk, so why even try to make a machine do that for you? A rider can adapt to Ryno with a minimal amount of training and effort and do what a rider already knows how to do – balance and steer like a bike,’ says Ozrelic. ‘Making a machine just smart enough to do what you can’t do is not only easier, it makes a better machine, too,’ he adds.

Based in Portland, in the US, Ryno Motors are now in the process of selecting a manufacturing partner and expect to start selling the Ryno by mid- to end-2012. Fitted with a lithium-ion battery pack that powers its electric motor, the Ryno has a range of about 50km and a top speed of 30-35km/h. The little one-wheeler looks pretty cool we think, and will cost about US$4,000 when it goes on sale next year.

Not too bad at all...

Pics: Ryno Motors

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