Monday, November 07, 2011

Valentino Rossi pays final tribute to Marco Simoncelli

Goodbye, Super Sic. R.I.P.
Valentino Rossi's Marco Simoncelli tribute Valentino Rossi's Marco Simoncelli tribute Valentino Rossi's Marco Simoncelli tribute

During yesterday’s final MotoGP race of the season, at Valencia, Valentino Rossi paid his final tribute to the late Marco Simoncelli. The Doctor’s helmet carried a special paintjob which was a combination of the designs used by Rossi and Simoncelli.

‘I really like the helmet a lot. I talked with Aldo Drudi and told him I wanted to make a really nice tribute to Sic. The most important thing of Marco’s helmet were the two red stripes. We didn’t really want to make an exact copy of his design – that’s one that only he could use. So we chose a way of combining the two helmets and it came out very nice. It has a very important meaning and it has a great emotion for me,’ said Rossi.

‘Simoncelli for me was like a youngest brother. So strong on track and so sweet in the normal life. I will miss him a lot,’ Rossi had said earlier, after Simoncelli passed away in an accident during the Malaysian GP.

"I really miss Sic, and I still haven't completely realised what happened. I thought the least I could do was dedicate my helmet to him and to his number, 58. Here in Valencia number 58 is all over the paddocks, everyone wants to remember him. Sic, this helmet is for you," said Valentino Rossi

The world of MotoGP is poorer without Marco Simoncelli

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