Monday, May 16, 2011

Husqvarna 900 Streetbike to be launched by end-2011

Husqvarna 900 Street Husqvarna 900 Street
We hope Husqvarna will put that new 900cc streetbike engine to good use!

Husqvarna, the BMW-owned company of Swedish origin that now makes off-road and supermoto bikes in Varese, Italy, recently unveiled an all-new 900cc parallel-twin engine that will power a range of streetbikes that the company will launch in the near future. We must say we’re a bit intrigued. We loved the Mille3 concept that Husqvarna unveiled at the EICMA last year. And while we admit the Mille3 is probably a bit too outlandish to make it to production, who knows what kind of a streetbike a company like Husqvarna will produce?!

BMW celebrate production of two-millionth motorcycle

BMW Motorrad, on the 6th of May, celebrated the production of its two-millionth motorcycle, which rolled off the assembly line at the company’s plant in Berlin Spandau in Germany. BMW have been making motorcycles at this plant since 1969 and bikes produced here have been exported to as many as 130 countries around the world.

BMW’s two-millionth bike was a one-off special-edition R1200GS that was unveiled by stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer. The bike will be raffled off as part of the ‘be Berlin’ campaign, which has been undertaken to promote the city of Berlin. ‘I’m really proud to present the two-millionth BMW motorcycle here today. I have a really busy schedule but this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day, so I really wanted to be here,’ said Mr Pfeiffer, who also put on a stunt riding display on his BMW F800R, ending the day with a burnout, with the rear tyre spelling out ‘2000000’ on the tarmac.

With hot new machines like the S1000RR superbike and the six-cylinder K1600GT luxury-tourer, BMW are currently on a roll. With 1,900 employees, the BMW factory in Berlin produces up to 510 motorcycles a day and annual motorcycle output in 2010 amounted to 97,076 machines – a massive hike over the 12,000 motorcycles they made in 1969. What’s next? The BMW K1600R, we hope. Come on BMW, the K1300R needs that bigger six-cylinder engine... ;-)

Twizzy: Renault build a four-wheeled electric scooter!

Renault Twizzy Renault Twizzy
The Renault Twizzy electric scooter will go on sale in Europe by the end of this year

So what’s a Renault doing here on Faster and Faster? Well, despite the fact that it has four wheels, the Twizzy isn’t really a car – it’s actually a scooter. Yes indeed, the Twizzy is, officially, an electric quadricycle - a battery-powered scooter that rides on four wheels. Available in two versions – the Urban and the Technik – the Twizzy is fitted with an electric motor that produces 17 horsepower and 57Nm of torque. And, when it goes on sale in Europe at the end of this year, this little runabout will be priced at £6,690 (7,600 euros) for the Urban version and £7,400 (8,400 euros) for the Technic. Owners will also have to pay a £40 monthly fee for leasing the Twizzy’s lithium-ion battery.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 French MotoGP: High-res pics from Le Mans

Valentino Rossi Valentino Rossi
Here are some high-res MotoGP pics from Le Mans. Rossi's first podium finish this year. Yes...!!! The Doctor is back!
2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans 2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans 2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans 2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans 2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans 2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans 2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans 2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans 2011 French MotoGP, Le Mans

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2012 MV Agusta F4 RR: Official pics, specs released

MV Agusta F4 RR MV Agusta F4 RR
Oh yes, the new MV Agusta F4 RR looks hot!

MV Agusta have let loose with the next iteration of the gorgeous F4, the 2012-spec F4 RR, and its calling card is that its 998cc inline-four now produces all of 201 horsepower at 13,400rpm, pushing the bike to a top speed of 297.6km/h.

The F4 RR’s 'CorsaCorta' (short stroke) engine features new cylinder heads, large-diameter intake and exhaust valves made of titanium, and lightweight forged pistons made of ‘aerospace’ alloy. Other new bits include a redesigned exhaust system, close-ratio gearbox, fully adjustable 43mm USD Öhlins fork, fully adjustable Öhlins TTX 36 rear shock, Öhlins steering damper and 17-inch forged aluminium wheels shod with 120/70 (front) and 190/55 (rear) ZR-rated rubber.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Dainese, Italian Police get together to promote D-air Street

Dainese D-air Street Dainese D-air Street Dainese D-air Street
The Italian Police, MotoGP riders like Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli and racing legend Giacomo Agostini are all helping Dainese promote their D-air Street airbag system for bikers

Dainese and the Italian Traffic Police teamed up for a press conference recently, to mark the opening of the Giro d'Italia 2011, one of the most well-known cycle races in Europe. The two teamed up to talk about road safety and about how the Dainese D-air Street can help with rider protection.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hesketh to be revived, production of new bikes to start in 2012

Hesketh V1000 Hesketh V1000
The Hesketh name will be revived and there will be new Hesketh motorcycles from 2012 onwards. But is there a place for Hesketh in today's world of motorcycling...?
Hesketh V1000 Hesketh V1000 Hesketh V1000

Set up by Lord Hesketh back in 1980, the UK-based Heseth Motorcycles have been making and selling the V1000 touring bike for almost three decades now. Over the years, Hesketh have also made a few units of variants based on the original V1000. These bikes – the Vulcan, Vampire and Vortan – all use the same 1000cc V-twin engine, with minor mechanical and cosmetic changes. There seems to be no record of how many of each of these machines have been sold and we doubt if you’d find a Hesketh anywhere outside of the UK.

The Road Racers: Joey Dunlop and motorcycle road racing in the 1970s

Joey Dunlop Joey Dunlop
Joey Dunlop Joey Dunlop
No ABS, traction control or other electronics here - this is motorcycle racing from the days when it was all right for riders to smoke, drink and chase girls. The Road Racers is simply fabulous!

The Road Racers, a documentary released in 1979, is a spectacular bit of filmmaking for those with fond memories of the days when motorcycle racers would nonchalantly smoke a cigarette, on the starting grid and in full view of television cameras, waiting for the bikes to be flagged off. 'The Road Racers goes behind the scenes and into the lives of road racers Frank Kennedy, Mervyn Robinson and Joey Dunlop. From the crackle of racing engines at full power during 'unofficial practice,' to the spectacular rider's eye view of racing on roads barely wide enough to take a car - this is the real thing,' says Duke, who'll sell the film to you for £19.99. But because of YouTube, you can watch the entire documentary right here (it's in four parts), for free. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sims Motorsports’ 370km/h Suzuki Hayabusa

modified Suzuki Hayabusa modified Suzuki Hayabusa modified Suzuki Hayabusa modified Suzuki Hayabusa
With NOS and a host of aftermarket parts, Richard Sims' Hayabusa will, if you're so inclined, hit a top speed of around 370km/h. No, it's not meant for fetching groceries from the supermarket...

From the pages of Sport Rider magazine, this is Richard Sims’ (of Sims Motorsports) hot-rodded Suzuki Hayabusa and its claim to fame is that it can hit a top speed of around 370km/h. Unless you’ve got a Bugatti Veyron parked in your garage, you probably don’t want to race Richard’s bike…

The list of mods on this Hayabusa is, of course, very long. The engine has been bored out to 1510cc and Richard has fitted 86mm forged pistons, billet big block cylinder assembly, high-lift camshafts with adjustable cam sprockets, stainless steel valves, ceramic bearings in the front and rear wheels (for reduced rolling friction), a two-stage lockup clutch and an air-shifter system for quick, smooth gear shifts. A Schnitz PNC-3000 nitrous controller and Bazzaz Z-Fi fuel computer have also been fitted to control the bike’s ‘wet’ (one that injects both fuel and NOS) nitrous injection system.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 Portuguese MotoGP: Pics from Estoril

2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril 2011 Portuguese MotoGP, Estoril
Lorenzo is on pole, but who wins the Portuguese MotoGP is anybody's guess. Enjoy these pics. We'll add more here after tomorrow's race. And yes, of course, we hope The Doctor wins!!  :-D



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