Thursday, March 01, 2012

Carl Fogarty on the Ducati 916: “It was stunning. Still is.”

Carl Fogarty Ducati 916
Four-time world superbikes champ, Carl Fogarty say the 916 was ahead of its time...
Carl Fogarty, Ducati 916 Carl Fogarty, Ducati 916 Carl Fogarty, Ducati 916 Carl Fogarty, Ducati 916

In this day and age of high-tech marvels like the Panigale, we still love the Ducati 916. With its timeless beauty and world championship-winning performance, the 916 remains in a league of its own. So it’s interesting to see what former Ducati rider and four-time (1994, 1995, 1998 and 1999) world superbikes champion, Carl Fogarty has to say about the 916:

“I’d seen it a bit at the factory at the end of ’93 and didn’t think too much of it, because it didn’t have its bodywork on. I saw the single-sided swingarm and remember thinking the tyre was close to the exhaust and it might cause problems. Then when they wheeled it out for me to race at Donington, I just thought I’d never seen anything as beautiful in my life. I’ll never forget it. It was almost too nice to ride. It was stunning. It still is. So ahead of its time.

And this is what Carl has to say about how it was to ride the 916:

“I had nothing to do with it until it was wheeled out and given to me to race in 1994. I didn’t get on with it that well at the start. Other guys seem to adapt to it better. Even though I was beating them, I was never comfortable on the bike. It was too twitchy. I thought I could’ve gone quicker on the 888.”

Stunning? Yes, of course the 916 (and the 996 and the 998) was stunning...!

Source: Influx Pics: Maurice Jones Photography

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