Friday, March 16, 2012

Ducati Monster Diesel: Could have been cool, but isn’t

Ducati Monster Diesel
That's the Ducati Monster Diesel and no, we don't want one!
Ducati Monster Diesel Ducati Monster Diesel Ducati Monster Diesel

Ducati have announced a new special edition model of the Monster – the Monster Diesel – which according to the company epitomizes ‘urban military chic,’ whatever that is. Based on the Monster 1100 Evo, the Monster Diesel is being unveiled this month alongside the new Diesel collection at the fashion label’s stores in New York, Rome and Tokyo.

‘The Monster Diesel and the collection dedicated to it reflect the ‘coolness’ of this iconic motorcycle and our brand in general. The collaboration with Diesel underlines our focus on the style and trends that shape the market and I am delighted to associate our world with that of fashion and, in particular, with Diesel. Both brands globally represent technology and innovation in pure Italian style,’ says Gabriele Del Torchio, President, Ducati Motor Holding.

‘When we had the opportunity to work with Ducati, with last year’s MotoGP sponsorship, we discovered a whole world of shared values and common roots. That brought us the desire to create something new together, and we made it in the only way we know – taking the great know-how of both companies and mixing it with passion and creativity. The results are unique products, characterised by a great mix of design and technology,’ adds Stefano Rosso, Project Leader and son of Diesel founder.

‘Set against the black treatment of Ducati’s trellis frame, wheels, engine covers, exhaust system and forks, the exclusive ‘Diesel Brave Green matte’ livery delivers a rugged military vehicle feel, while front brake callipers are finished in shocking yellow to make a strong reminder of the model’s performance heritage,’ says a press release from Ducati.

The Monster Diesel will be available at Ducati stores around the world from July this year. But honestly, we don’t really think the bike looks very good. It  could have been a brilliant idea, but to us it looks very poorly executed. We like the matte green paintjob, but everything else – the exhaust system, the all-black paint on the frame and engine, the yellow brake calipers – looks pretty bad. Also, in the context of what Mr Del Torchio has to say about Ducati’s association with Diesel, our problem with that is the minute you start talking about how cool you are, you aren’t. Not anymore. So there.

Ducati Monster Diesel Ducati Monster Diesel Ducati Monster Diesel

Update (24.03.2012): More pics of the Ducati Monster Diesel, from the bike’s unveiling in Rome, attended by Ducati Motor Holding President, Gabriele Del Torchio, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso and actress Asia Argento
Ducati Monster Diesel Ducati Monster Diesel Ducati Monster Diesel Ducati Monster Diesel
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