Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Jeremy Burgess: ‘It’s a folly to return to 1000cc in MotoGP!’

With top speeds in MotoGP now inching closer to a rather insane 360km/h, Jeremy Burgess says the move to 1000cc engines could be a recipe for disaster...

Valentino Rossi’s crew chief, Australian Jeremy Burgess doesn’t think that MotoGP moving back to the 1000cc engine format is a move in the right direction. ‘It was a folly to return to the 1000cc limit for season 2012. These are car engines now that we are putting into a motorcycle. On the fastest circuits, a rider slip-streaming another with just a breath of a tail wind will top 360km/h,’ said Burgess recently, speaking to The Advertiser.

‘For the first time in 33 years working in Europe, I have a definite concern about the future of motorcycle Grand Prix racing, and I know that some principal technicians in other factories do as well,’ said Burgess, who’s been working with top MotoGP teams for a quarter of a century and whose technical expertise has helped riders like Wayne Gardner and Mick Doohan in winning their 500cc motorcycle GP racing world championships in the 1980s and 1990s.

Burgess believes the ideal engine capacity for MotoGP bikes might be just 600cc. ‘Rules that require them to make more power out of a smaller engine gives manufacturers a reason to be there. Look at the World Superbikes series, which has nearly every manufacturer involved because the rules make it more relevant to them,’ he says. ‘The people getting MotoGP on television shouldn't be running the rule book,’ he adds, referring to Dorna.

Source: Adelaide Now

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Andrew said...

Burgess probably wouldn't complain about the rules so much if his bike and rider were closer to the podium.

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