Thursday, April 05, 2012

Puma x Ducati: Lean In and Ride With Us

This, the first episode of Puma x Ducati: Lean In and Ride With Us, features Raymond Roker, Founder of U.R.B. Magazine and Blogger for the Huffington Post

Last year, Puma and Ducati together created a seven-part video series - Puma x Ducati: Lean In and Ride With Us - that ‘celebrates the joy of riding.’ Seven Ducati riders talk about how motorcycles fit into their unique lifestyles. The riders featured in the series include people from diverse walks of life, each with an interesting perspective on life and motorcycling. You can now watch the entire 7-part series right here.

The second episode, featuring Hannah Johnson, the first female Ducati master technician in the world

The third episode, featuring Andrew Sidwell, Army Captain and motorcycle racer competing in the WERA Nationals

The fourth episode, featuring Eric Hsueh, Founder of Livery Design Gruppe

The fifth episode, featuring Tony Angelo, professional Drift racer and FormulaD judge

The sixth episode, featuring Duncan Quinn, fashion designer and bespoke suitmaker

The seventh and final episode, featuring John Conway, Ducati enthusiast and keyboardist for the band The Bravery

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