Thursday, May 03, 2012

Simon Crafar: The Limit is Yours

In this video, Simon Crafar, who's raced in World Superbikes and MotoGP, says that motorcycling shouldn't be electronics. Rather, the limit should be yours, he says. Umm... we agree that that's how it should probably be on the track. But on the street, we think it's all right for riders to have whatever electronic aids that are available. If things like ABS and traction control can help boost safety and make you go a bit faster, hey, why the hell not?!


Atv de vanzare said...

Simon Crafar is right. Where is that feeling. What satisfaction do you get when you know that a bunch of electronic devices and computers are controling your bike. A computer doesn't feel the bike like a human beeing. You are right simon crafar the limit should be yours.

Anonymous said...

I like my motorcycles simple and easy to work on. I'm fine with ABS and traction control available but not mandated. To expensive complicated and that for me reduces the fun of it all. And maybe I'm going overboard but I like my moto riding a little bit reckless

JMx said...

There may or may not be a valid argument against the adoption of electronics in top-flight motorcycle racing, but on the street, electronics rule. If ABS and traction control can make sure that I can go out and have a blast on my 180bhp R1 and come back home safely to my wife and kids, I don't know about you "real men" but I WANT ABS and traction control. Anyone who argues against improving technologies and better rider safety is being just plain stupid, so there.

Brian J said...

I agree with JMx. It's plain stupid not to take advantage of technology.
Race in the dark ages if you wish, but we don't use biplanes because flight should be a 'classic' experience!

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