Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dreamachine Motorcycles: The Akrapovic Morsus

Akrapovic Morsus
Akrapovic Morsus Akrapovic Morsus Akrapovic Morsus
The Morsus is slim and cool and sexy - just the way we like 'em!

The bike you see here – The Morsus – was built last year by the Slovenia-based Dreamachine Motorcycles in collaboration with motorcycle exhaust specialists, Akrapovic. The project was initiated by Akrapovic, who wanted to prove that their engineering prowess goes beyond producing exhaust systems and to show that they are also capable of producing a world-class custom bike.

As you might expect, the materials used in the construction of The Morsus are those that Akrapovic are skilled at using – titanium, high-quality stainless steel and carbonfibre. ‘This project was a big challenge for me. I admire the work of Igor Akrapovič very much and I wanted to put together two motorcycle worlds, racing and custom. I followed also an idea of special cycle chrono bike on 26 inch wheels, which was quite challenging, but I´m quite happy with the final result,’ says Tomaž Capuder of Dreamachine Motorcycles, the man responsible for creating The Morsus.

While The Morsus is indeed a work of art, it has been built to be ridden. The bike is powered by a 1852cc S&S V-twin that produces 144bhp, with power going to the rear wheel via a six-speed gearbox and belt drive. The engine is fitted to a rigid, custom-built chassis with no downtubes and an integrated chassis. The Morsus rides on 26-inch aluminium-carbonfibre wheels, with Showa radial forks at front and an air-shock from Fox at the back. Twin brake discs with four-piston radial-mount calipers are used at the front and the exhaust system is a titanium unit from Akrapovic.

To be honest, we’re not big fans of custom cruisers – especially the kind that have stretched swingarms, humongous rear tyres and gaudy paintjobs. But we do think the slim, sexy Morsus is damn cool!

Pics: Akrapovic, Parrothead Jeff

Akrapovic Morsus Akrapovic Morsus Akrapovic Morsus Akrapovic Morsus Akrapovic Morsus Akrapovic Morsus

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