Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rise Again: In tribute to Marco Simoncelli

Rise Again, a new single from The Rainband, in tribute to Marco Simoncelli

Created in tribute to Marco Simoncelli, Rise Again is a new single from The Rainband that will be released on iTunes on the 17th of this month, with all profits going to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation. The Foundation will use the money to build care homes across the world for the disabled, a cause that was close to Marco's heart.

Rise Again has been filmed in Marco Simoncelli's hometown of Coriano, in Rimini, Italy, and features Marco's home video footage that's never been publicly shown before. The video has been put together with inputs from Marco's father Paolo and fiancée Kate, who wanted the world to see Marco the person as well as Marco the fearless MotoGP rider. Also, James Toseland has played the piano for this track.

'Our family loved Marco Simoncelli as a rider, especially my two youngest nephews Jake and Rocco. They were so upset when Marco had his accident in October last year. As an uncle, you can't find the words for a day like that,' says Martin Finnigan, lead singer of The Rainband, which is based in Manchester, in the UK.

'I flew to Coriano and spent some time with Kate and Paolo. Ever since they heard the song, they have given everything to this. We agreed to do the video in Coriano and now we release the track independently so all the profits can go straight to the foundation. It’s an amazing cause, doing amazing things in the name of an amazing man. We're proud to be a part of it,' says Finnigan. 'The family now want us to open the San Marino MotoGP, where they are naming the track after Marco, in September,' he adds.

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