Monday, July 02, 2012

All 2013 BMW motorcycles to get ABS as standard

ABS on all bikes is, we think, a step in the right direction for motorcycle safety...

As part of their ‘Safety 360°’ principle, BMW Motorrad have announced that all their 2013-spec motorcycles will be fitted with anti-lock brakes as standard. According to BMW, their ‘Safety 360°’ principle includes three things – safety technology in the vehicle itself, safety derived from rider equipment and safety derived from rider training.

‘The company is being proactive here, significantly pre-empting the requirement for ABS likely to be introduced in 2016 for all newly registered motorcycles in Europe,’ says a press release from the company, about the addition of ABS to all 2013 model BMW motorcycles.

Other important safety features that BMW Motorrad are working on include adaptive headlamps for better vision in the dark, and further improvements to their ESA II electronically adjustable suspension. With ESA II, BMW’s aim is to create a semi-active suspension that is able to react to changing road conditions in real time.

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