Saturday, September 15, 2012

BMW C 600 Sport, C 650 GT visit Barcelona

BMW scooters in Barcelona BMW scooters in Barcelona
BMW scooters in Barcelona BMW scooters in Barcelona BMW scooters in Barcelona
Scooters like the BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT are probably the most hassle-free way of getting around in cities like Barcelona, where traffic density is always a problem...

Our favourite motographer, Markus Hofmann recently had the opportunity to shoot the BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT on the streets of Barcelona, one of the coolest, most exciting cities in Europe. ‘The main reason I wanted to shoot in Barcelona was the special atmosphere the city has and its great light. The traffic in a cosmopolitan city like this tends to get overwhelming, so a scooter is a great way of getting around,” says Hofmann. “In fact, it is unbelievable how many people have scooters in Barcelona – many companies have reacted to the fact that more employees ride their scooters to work and have made more parking spaces for them as a result,” he adds.

“The traffic was always a problem but we soon learned to ‘go with the flow’ and even though safety always comes first we were able to get some good shots. The Spanish really loved the design of both scooters and many of them who stopped to watch us couldn’t wait to ask us questions about the two scooters. The people of Barcelona are in many ways trendsetters and the scooter is one more trend they are living before the rest. To be honest I have really been wondering why it is taking the New Yorkers so long to get out of their yellow cabs and onto scooters,” says Hofmann.

“Barcelona is a great city, with great architecture, great atmosphere and great people. You see a lot of scooters in the city, and of course a maxi-scooter like the C 600 Sport or C 650 GT is made for places like Barcelona,” says Markus Koch, who directed the shoot from the saddle of a C 600 Sport. “The traffic in Barcelona can only work because of the high percentage of bikes. These kinds of two-wheelers are perfect for riding in the city – the handling, agility, ergonomics and usability. Riding through the traffic without shifting gears makes it very convenient too – just twist and go,” he adds.

Pics: Markus Hofmann

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