Friday, September 21, 2012

Honda confirms all-new V4-engined super sports motorcycle for 2013-14

Honda's new MotoGP-inspired super sports streetbike will, according to the company, revive the kind of excitement which the RC30 brought to the party in the late-1980s...

Talking about the products and technologies that Honda will develop in the near future, the company’s CEO, Takanobu Ito, recently said that Honda is now working on a new super sports motorcycle which will feature technologies derived from Honda’s MotoGP machines. “This bike will seek to deliver the same passion and excitement that the RC30 VFR750R created when first introduced in 1987,” he said.

So the RC30 is all set to return in its modern-day avatar? Cool! Our wish list for this new bike? Here’s what we hope it has – a 1000cc V4 that produces 200 horsepower, ABS, fully adjustable traction control, electronically adjustable suspension, LED headlamps, fully digital instrumentation with LED colour display, single-sided swingarm and a kerb weight of not more than 160 kilos.

Ito has not specified a time frame for the new super sports V4, but we expect Honda to be ready with the bike by the end of 2013 or perhaps by early 2014. Build it, Honda. And we’ll do our best to scrape together enough money to buy one.

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