Tuesday, October 02, 2012

2013 KTM RC8 R, RC8R Track unveiled at the Intermot

2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R
2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R
We like the 2013 KTM RC8 R and we think it still looks cool, but can it really survive in the face of newer, faster bikes like the Ducati Panigale and BMW HP4?

KTM have unveiled the latest iteration of their V-twin superbike, the 2013 RC8 R – at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany. The bike features some updates to its Keihin engine management system which results in improved power delivery, a new slipper clutch and retuned suspension for more precise, stable handling.

KTM have also unveiled the latest version of the RC8 R Track, which is of course for racetrack use only. The bike has done well for itself in the past, in the IDM German superbike series. With 180 horsepower on tap, it’s a serious track tool for professional racers and/or committed trackday enthusiasts. “Leave the shop and lay down the fastest lap of the trackday without any conversions, with the possible exception of a stop-over at the painter’s for your sponsor’s colour scheme,” claim KTM and that’s pretty much how it must have been, before machines like the Panigale and the HP4 came along...

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2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R 2013 KTM RC8 R


Rick W. said...

I'm still riding the 2009 model which leaves some to be desired when compared to the latest version but isn't this true of most products? What KTM has achieved with this motorcycle that separates it from most of the competition is the fact that it is a very easy bike to own and operate. On the track other bikes are going to have a performance edge here or there but what is so appealing about the RC8 among other things is the ease of servicing. The privateer can perform most maintenance tasks themselves and in a much shorter time than most bikes because of the accessibility of the components and having a high build quality makes it a pleasure as well. Oregon does not have a long riding season but after 7000 miles and many redlines I have had but one screw come loose on the start button housing and one on a body panel; additionally, a battery required replacement at 4500 miles. Oil changes are a bit messy but that is it. The riding position is relaxed and roomy for a bike of this type. Combine all of the above with a wide and controllable power curve and you have a bike that delivers a good deal of smiles. This is one sick looking machine and draws a lot of looks which depending on your personality might be a good thing too.

matthew hugg said...

Completely spot on. For KTM to have come so far in a short time is very impressive, especially in the realm of Sportsbikes. I love my 2012, and yes other litre bikes have slight edges on the RC8R in certain track aspects. However, that's the case with every bike. The best quality of the KTM is it's ease of cornering, precision and abundant torque make a force to reckon with on strategic tracks and with slight modifications...it's right there on the other tracks. As well, I would like to see a review of a Panigale, S1000RR or any other litre bike agains the Track RC8R and see who wins...

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