Tuesday, October 09, 2012

2013 Yamaha VMAX: First official pics, specs

2013 Yamaha VMAX
2013 Yamaha VMAX 2013 Yamaha VMAX 2013 Yamaha VMAX
The 2013 Yamaha VMAX, big, brash and brutishly powerful. If it weren't for the high-tech Ducati Diavel, Mr MAX would be the undisputed champ...

Yamaha haven’t updated the biggest, baddest musclebike on the plant – Mr VMAX swaggers into 2013 with just a new paintjob, but then you probably wouldn’t argue with a motorcycle that packs a 200-horsepower punch, would you? Thought as much. With its 1697cc, 200bhp V4, the VMAX is the weapon you want for straightline performance, though keep in mind that its handling isn’t really as sweet as the Ducati Diavel’s, which is otherwise similarly brutish.

So is a new, ‘nebulous purple’ paintjob enough to keep the 2013 Yamaha VMAX on top? Well, until the time BMW build a supercharged six-cylinder K1600R, probably yes. If it weren’t for the Diavel, which is almost as mad as the ’MAX in a straight line but manages to combine that with sportsbike-like handling in the corners, we’d swear by the VMAX’s forged aluminum pistons, hydraulically activated slipper clutch and 200/50 rear tyre. But things being the way they are, Mr MAX may no longer find it as easy as it used to be, to bludgeon every other motorcycle into submission.

2013 Yamaha VMAX 2013 Yamaha VMAX 2013 Yamaha VMAX 2013 Yamaha VMAX

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