Monday, October 29, 2012

Dick Smart and the flying Vespa

The flying Vespa featured in the 1967 movie, Dick Smart 2007 The flying Vespa featured in the 1967 movie, Dick Smart 2007
A clip from the 1967 movie (top), Dick Smart 2007 and (above) the flying Vespa from that movie. Ok, so it was just a gyrocopter dressed up as a scooter but, still, damn cool...

Back in 1967, they probably thought that over the next half century or so, scooters would actually gain the ability to fly. Which is perhaps why Dick Smart 2007, an Italian movie directed by one Franco Prosperi and released in 1967 featured a 'futuristic' Vespa scooter that could fly! Actor Richard Wyler played the part of Dick Smart, an Italian James Bond (well, sort of…) who uses his guns and gadgets to save the world and who apparently swans around on flying scooters in exotic locales around the world, chasing spies or scantily-clad hot chicks or both.

So what kind of a 1960s movie has a hero who rides a flying scooter? One where the plot is about a theft at an American nuclear facility, with the hero – Dick Smart – chasing off to Rio de Janeiro to track down the down the gang of thieves, whose leader is the beautiful Lady Lister (played by actress Margaret Lee). Lister has discovered a way to transform carbon into diamonds, for which she needs the nuclear stuff. There’s more villains, gunfights, chase sequences and other scarcely believable nonsense in the film, but that the producers saw it fit to also include a flying Vespa means all’s well in the end. You have to concede, a flying scooter is so much cooler than a fancy Aston Martin

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