Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kadshah Nagibe: 'I Ride a Triumph'

'I Ride a Triumph,' a mini-documentary from Kadshah Nagibe

Kadshah Nagibe is a native New Yorker born in Brooklyn and is a freelance filmmaker living in NYC. "Since I picked up my first 8mm film camera at the age of 16, I have enjoyed capturing the beauty of the world and people around me," he says. He also likes motorcycles, apparently, and Nagibe's latest short film, I Ride a Triumph, is pretty cool.

"While searching around for a new story for my next film, I decided to do something that I've done many times before, which is film motorcycles. Except, this time I decided to make it more personal - kind of like a mini-documentary about people who ride Triumph motorcycles. This will be the first of many short stories or a series of motorcycle films called 'I ride a Triumph' that I hope to do within the next few months. These types of projects are always fun to do since I also ride a Triumph and love to film motorcycles and scooters," says Nagibe.

"For this project, I used the Sony FS700, which is a great camera on a tripod, but not so good for a long handheld shoot. Normally I would film on the back of a bike as a passenger, but the camera is a bit heavy for me so I rented a convertible and had my friend and assistant Lenny drive me around while I filmed Andy riding his Thruxton. We spent the whole day shooting most of the film. I really like the dirty, gritty and grungy neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn - it made for a nice landscape," he adds.

Well, we think Nagibe has some potential as a motorcycle documentary filmmaker and we look forward to seeing more of his work. In the meanwhile, you may want to visit his website

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