Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Yamaha unveil new 3-cylinder engine at the Intermot

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Nobody really knows what kind of a bike Yamaha will build around their new 3-cylinder engine, but we hope it's a modern-day version of the FZR750R OW01...!

Somebody at Yamaha is, apparently, quite taken with the triples produced by MV Agusta and Triumph, so the Japanese company has gone right ahead and announced their own 3-cylinder engine which they say “has the potential to bring race-inspired performance to the street.” All right then!

According to Yamaha, their new 3-cylinder engine, unveiled at the Intermot by the current MotoGP world championship leader Jorge Lorenzo, will play an important role in Yamaha’s future. With its crossplane crankshaft that’s ‘inspired’ by the current R1 and M1 bikes, the new Yamaha triple will likely have a linear torque curve and should be a very refined, modern unit.

It’s actually quite intriguing that Yamaha are doing a triple and we really have no idea what they’ll use it for. We’d like to think the new engine would be used in a supersports 750 – a modern-day interpretation of the FZR750R OW01 perhaps, especially since Honda have recently announced they’d be doing a full-on V4-engined sportsbike in the not too distant future. A high-tech lightweight 750cc superbike powered by a 160-170bhp three-cylinder engine? Sounds good to us…

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