Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2013 Moto Morini Rebello 1200, Corsaro Veloce 1200, Scrambler 1200, Granpasso 1200 unveiled

2013 Moto Morini models 2013 Moto Morini models 2013 Moto Morini models 2013 Moto Morini models
Lo and behold! New Moto Morinis for 2013...!

Moto Morini have announced the launch of the 2013 Corsaro Veloce 1200, Scrambler 1200, Rebello 1200 and Granpasso 1200 - the official pics and videos you see here show the four bikes in all their shiny new glory. 'After 75 years of history, we still build extraordinary, beautiful and high performance motorcycles. If you are looking for an ordinary bike and many electronics, Moto Morini is not right for you,' says a message on the company website.

While the bikes are not exactly brand-new, the 2013 models do get new colours, an APTC slipper clutch and optional carbonfibre parts for the bodywork. The 137bhp Rebello 1200 is priced at 14,900 euros, the 120bhp Granpasso 1200 comes with a price tag of 12,500 euros, the 115bhp Scrambler 1200 costs 10,900 euros and the Corsaro Veloce 1200 is priced at 11,900 euros. On to the videos...

2013 Moto Morini Corsaro Veloce 1200

2013 Moto Morini Scrambler 1200

2013 Moto Morini Granpasso 1200

2013 Moto Morini Rebello 1200

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