Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Back to the 70s: Metisse R1200CR Classic Racer

Metisse R1200CR
Metisse R1200CR Metisse R1200CR Metisse R1200CR Metisse R1200CR Metisse R1200CR Metisse R1200CR
Vaguely 1970s cafe racer styling, boxer-twin engine, modern electronics and chassis/suspension - the Metisse R1200CR looks interesting...

Based in Germany, Metisse GmbH have developed a 1970s-style cafĂ© racer based on the BMW R1200R Classic. Designed and developed by Horst Edler, the Metisse R1200CR retains the BMW donor bike’s engine, chassis and electronics, and gains a retro-style front fairing and tail section, single seat, wire-spoke wheels and a generous sprinkling of carbonfibre parts. LED turn-signals and various expensive parts – carbonfibre bits, CNC-milled metal parts like levers and footpegs etc., and titanium bolts for just about everything that you can imagine, are on the optional extras list.

The fully assembled Metisse R1200CR is priced at 19,990 euros (including 19% tax, in Germany), while 5,990 euros will get you just the parts kit that will allow you to convert your own BMW R1200R to a Metisse R1200CR. You can either take delivery of your R1200CR through an official BMW dealership, with a full BMW warranty, or you can have the bike shipped to your house anywhere in the world at extra cost. The bike will also be displayed at the EICMA in Milan later this month, so if you're going there, you might want to drop by the Metisse stand and take a look. Or, visit the Metisse website for more details.

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A variation of the Classic Racer theme...

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