Monday, November 05, 2012

Bloodsport: BMW S1000 VampiRR

Mess with the VampiRR and you know where those fangs are going...

The pics you see here are the work of well-known German fashion photographer, Markus Hofmann, who explores the dark side of motorcycling with the very fast, powerful and uncompromising BMW S1000RR and model Felicia Rie, who plays the vampire.

“Ever since it first arrived on the scene, the S1000RR has always had a raw edge, which I wanted to explore with this ‘Underworld meets Speed’ photoshoot. I wanted the scene to be moodily lit, suggestive and erotic, with more than a hint of the existence and the power of evil,” says Hofmann. “The pictures are sexy, provocative, dynamic and exciting – much like the RR – which offers a world of riding possibilities far beyond the reach of most of us mere mortals, but at the same time challenges us to explore how far we are willing to push ourselves in pursuit of riding pleasure,” he adds.

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Visit Hofmann’s website to see more of his work

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