Friday, November 23, 2012

Bosch develops a more advanced lean-angle sensor for motorcycles

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With Bosch's new lean-angle sensor working with the bike's traction control system, the new KTM 1190 Adventure should be pretty capable when pushing hard off-road...

Bosch have developed a new, more advanced lean-angle sensor – the SU-MM5.10 – for motorcycles, and the 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure and Adventure R models are the very first bikes to be fitted with this sensor. Weighing 230kg and powered by a 1195cc, 150bhp V-twin, the 1190 Adventure is also fitted with ABS and traction control systems developed by Bosch and the new lean angle sensor helps those system work better.

‘The SU-MM5.10 lean-angle sensor measures a number of physical values more than 100 times per second. These values include longitudinal, lateral, and vertical acceleration, as well as the motorcycle’s yaw and roll rates. An algorithm developed by Bosch uses these ‘5D’ inertial sensor values to determine the lean and pitch angles, and communicates them to the bike’s CAN bus,’ says Matthias Mörbe, who heads sensors and sensor systems at Bosch Engineering GmbH.

‘This data is needed for a range of safety functions on the motorcycle, such as traction control, cornering light function, launch control, and wheelie-limiting function. The sensor values will also be used in the future as the basis for functions such as corner ABS, fall detection, wheelie control, and semi-active suspension,’ he adds. The lean-angle sensor works with the bike’s traction control system and works out the maximum permissible drive power when the bike is leaning over while cornering.

Bosch have also been working hard on their ABS and traction control systems, adding refinement and intuitiveness to the way these systems work on a bike. Their latest, 9th generation ABS can be optimized for on- or off-road use. For the latter, slip thresholds and other parameters have been adjusted to provide optimum braking performance in rough terrain. The system can also be adjusted to allow riders to deliberately lock the rear wheel under hard braking to drift the bike around tight corners.

With all this electro-wizardry tucked away under the hood, we’re sure the KTM 1190 Adventure and Adventure R will be extremely competent in their intended riding environment. At long last, the BMW R1200GS may have finally met its match, and then some.

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