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In conversation with the sak_art design team, creators of the 2013 Bimota BB2, Bimota DB12 Btourist

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Top, left: The sak_art design team with the Bimota BB2 and (above) the Bimota DB12 Btourist. We think the BB2 is strikingly handsome - it looks totally awesome!!

Bimota had a shock or three in store for visitors at the EICMA this year. The company had a dozen new models on display, of which the DB11 VLX (powered by a supercharged version of the Ducati 1198’s L-twin, supposedly producing about 190bhp!) and the BB2 (powered by the 193bhp BMW S1000RR engine) were truly epic. We loved these new Bimotas, which look awesome and should be able to offer performance that’s in keeping with the styling.

Of the new bikes shown by Bimota in Milan, the BB2 superbike and the DB12 Btourist, the first touring bike Bimota have ever built, have been designed by sak_art design and we were able to catch up with them for a quick chat. Here’s what they had to say:

On sak_art and whether its team members actually ride bikes

sak_art design is a Tuscan firm born in 2010, involved in motorcycle and industrial design. The three members are Davide Sacchini, Nicola Sacchini and Fausto Colombini. Yes we’re all active motorcycle riders!

On sak_art’s association with Bimota

During 2011, we knew Luciano Brotto (Bimota General Manger), and started a collaboration for the design and creation of protoypes of two new models – the BB2 and DB12 – for EICMA 2012. Our collaboration with Bimota starts really for the stylistic diversification from other Italian brands. Bimota motorcycles are unique, bikes which allowed a strong change in design approach.

On the Bimota BB2

The BB2 is a concept born from the cooperation between Bimota and BMW Motorrad. At this year’s EICMA, Bimota presented our first idea of the BB2 prototype, an incredible ‘show bike’ that personifies style and power. The mission was to unite Bimota’s history and style with a modern inline-four like the 193bhp S1000RR BMW engine. We think that we arrive to an excellent result. We cannot say for sure about production plans, however, because the BB2 project will be developed further during 2013, with a new frame, to create the definitive model that will be presented at the 2013 EICMA in Milan.

On the Bimota DB12 Btourist

The Bimota DB12 Btourist is the first Bimota sports-tourer. It’s elegant and exclusive, yet agile, able to offer excellent performance thanks to its heart, a Ducati Desmodromic Testastretta 8-valve 1198cc L-twin. The DB12 will be commercialized during 2013. We have designed this model with a mission; a Bimota for the rider who loves to travel with a rear-seat companion and who rides the bike 365 days a year. But the DB12 remains a Bimota; two souls in a name, B.Tourist… Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!

On the bikes from past decades that the sak_art team likes most and on the evolution of motorcycle design

Our choices are the 1960s Honda CB750, the 1970s Bimota SB2, the 1980s Honda RC30 and the 1990s Ducati 916. Motorcycle design is always in evolution, but we admire and take inspirations from the great works of 80s and 90s of the master, Massimo Tamburini. Also, we believe that electric technologies and new materials will be the real factors that could revolutionize the motorcycle design in the next future.

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sak_art say the Bimota BB2 is still a concept bike at this stage and will be developed further, with the final production bike being unveiled at the 2013 EICMA in Milan

We thank sak_art’s Davide Sacchini, Nicola Sacchini and Fausto Colombini for taking the time to answer our questions. Please visit their website for more details of their work.

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