Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Supercharged Bimota DB11 VLX unveiled at the EICMA

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From left: The 2013 Bimota DB11 VLX, which is supercharged and has more than 190bhp, and the regular DB11, which still packs about 165-ish horsepower. Yes!!

We have to admire Roberto Comini and his love for motorcycles. Comini, who apparently has major business ventures going in various parts of South America, just never seems to give up – he just keeps pouring money into Bimota, and the Italian company keeps building expensive, exotic, motorcycles that hardly anyone ever actually buys.

At the EICMA this year, Bimota have already unveiled the BMW S1000RR-engined BB2, which we think looks terrific. But that’s not all, the Rimini-based company had not just one but two other new superbikes in its 2013 line-up – the DB11, which is powered by the Testastretta L-twin from the Ducati 1198, with Bimota’s own engine management and exhaust systems, which results in power going up to 165bhp. And then there’s the DB11 VLX, with the same Ducati 1198 engine, but with a twin-screw supercharger bolted on for good measure, with power going up to 190bhp. What. The. F***!

We don’t care how much it costs or whether it’s reliable – we just want that DB11 VLX!

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