Thursday, May 03, 2012

Simon Crafar: The Limit is Yours

In this video, Simon Crafar, who's raced in World Superbikes and MotoGP, says that motorcycling shouldn't be electronics. Rather, the limit should be yours, he says. Umm... we agree that that's how it should probably be on the track. But on the street, we think it's all right for riders to have whatever electronic aids that are available. If things like ABS and traction control can help boost safety and make you go a bit faster, hey, why the hell not?!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The five technologies that are making motorcycling safer for everyone

The human body was probably never designed to travel at triple-digit speeds, balanced precariously as it were on two wheels in the case of motorcycle travel. Motorcycling is an activity that’s inherently fraught with some amount of risk, but ongoing advances in technology are making it safer for bikers to go out and ride.

Sure, technology will never be a substitute for a large dollop of common sense, a high degree of alertness and rider training, but with those elements in place, there are some technologies that are now taking motorcycle safety to a higher level. Here, we take a look at what these technologies are and what they mean for motorcyclists.

motorcycle ABS motorcycle ABS
On the street, ABS can save motorcyclists' lives, period

Anti-lock Brakes

Various studies conducted in recent years in Europe and the US conclude that with anti-lock brakes (ABS) being fitted to motorcycles can lead to a very significant reduction in fatal motorcycle accidents. Admittedly, the percentage of possible reduction of such crashes varies from one study to the other – various studies peg that number from anywhere between 12% to as much as 48%. But even if we choose to believe only the lower numbers, ABS would still be a very worthwhile addition to all motorcycles.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

2012 Piaggio X10 range is all set to go touring

Piaggio X10
The Piaggio X10 range of scooters is available in 500, 350 and 125 versions
Piaggio X10 Piaggio X10 Piaggio X10

Piaggio have released pics and specs of the 2012-model X10 range of scooters, which are now available with 125cc, 350cc and 500cc engines. Part of Piaggio’s ‘Gran Turismo’ scooter range, the X10 series features bits like electrically-adjustable rear suspension, anti-lock brakes, backlit controls, an onboard trip computer with large LCD display, a USB port, LED daytime running lights and a very spacious luggage compartment that can take two helmets.

The Piaggio X10’s ergonomics have been optimized for long-distance travel, its large windscreen provides a significant amount of wind protection and its seat is broad, flat and plush, and features longitudinal adjustment of the lumbar cushion, which allows the rider to adjust and vary the space available to the passenger.

Engine options include 15bhp 125, 33bhp 350 and 41bhp 500cc single-cylinder units that are fully compliant with the most stringent of emissions norms anywhere in the world. The entire range gets a double-cradle steel tube chassis and the X10 rides on 15-inch (front) and 13-inch (rear) wheels, shod with 120/70 (front) and 150/70 (rear) tyres. Braking duties are handled by twin 280mm discs at the front and a single 240mm disc at the back. Piaggio’s combined braking system is standard across the range while ABS and anti-slip ASR are optional.

The X10 is available in brown, grey, white and blue colours and Piaggio offer a wide range of optional accessories for the scooter, including hard and soft luggage, passenger backrest and an electronic anti-theft system.