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2013 Honda RC213V unveiled in Madrid

2013 Honda RC213V unveiled
2013 Honda RC213V unveiled 2013 Honda RC213V unveiled 2013 Honda RC213V unveiled 2013 Honda RC213V unveiled
Along with a host of technical updates, the 2013 Honda RC213V, which was unveiled in Madrid today, get a new livery and we think it looks rather good!

Honda riders Dani Pedrosa and Marc Márquez today unveiled the 2013 Honda RC213V MotoGP racebike in Madrid, in the presence of Repsol Chairman and CEO, Antonio Brufau, Executive Vice President of Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), Shuhei Nakamoto, and Dorna CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta. The bike gets a new livery for this year, in keeping with Repsol’s new corporate identity.

“I am very happy to have been here at Campus Repsol today, and to have been the one unveiling the bike and its new livery. We'd run with the old design for a long time and I think that now is a good moment for a change. This year's bike has a fresh touch to it, which can give us a boost at the races. I hope the fans like it too,” said Dani Pedrosa. “I'm starting this pre-season really keen. I can't wait to get to Malaysia and to have a few days to put the bike through its paces, enjoy myself and see which parts we are going to use for the opening race, as in the Valencia test after the last race of 2012 we had so much rain that we couldn't do much,” he added.

“I am very happy to have presented the new colour scheme for my move up from Moto2 to MotoGP. Seeing the bike painted with the Repsol and HRC logos makes you feel very satisfied with this new step forward —it makes you realise what a dream-come-true it is. I'm like a kid with new shoes! I enjoyed the atmosphere of the presentation at Campus Repsol and I was able to see that the press attention for MotoGP is light years ahead of that for Moto2. We'll adapt to this, little-by-little. In the end, the important thing is what happens on the track, so I can't wait for the Malaysia tests to start,” said Márquez.

“We again have a strong lineup in 2013. Dani Pedrosa had a fantastic 2012 and will start this year even more motivated. Marc Márquez is a great talent and I am sure that it will not be long before we see him on the podium. I am very happy with our new team structure and everyone in HRC will continue to work hard on the development of this bike, in order to give the riders the best chance of victory,” concluded Nakamoto.

2013 Honda RC213V: High-res pics, specs, details

With the 2013 RC213V MotoGP racebike, Honda continue to evolve their ‘mass centralization’ approach, with which they are able to optimize handling characteristics, stability, agility, resistance to wheelies and cornering grip. For 2013, the bike’s twin-spar aluminium chassis has been modified to achieve an even better balance between stability and the ability to turn quickly and decisively. The light, stiff chassis has been designed to ensure that the 230-horsepower RC213V remain controllable at the limit and enough flex has been built into the chassis so that it also helps enhance tyre grip in very high speed corners.

The Honda RC213V’s 1000cc 230bhp V4 engine has been designed for durability, since each team is allowed to use a maximum of six engines for the entire MotoGP season (18 races). After more than 2,000km of durability testing, the 2013-spec engine, which is lighter than its predecessor, has lower levels of internal friction and offers improved fuel economy, has proven to be longer-lasting than the V4 used in 2012.

Among other updates, the 2013 Honda RC213V gets a new and highly advanced Ohlins fork and shock, new carbonfibre bodywork, carbonfibre brake discs from Brembo (that work best when they’re hot and reach up to 400 degrees C!), and 16.5-inch wheels shod with 125/60 (front) and 190/65 (rear) Bridgestone slicks.

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