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DJ Carl Cox: “I have just bought bikes 47, 48 and 49…”

Carl Cox talks bikes Carl Cox talks bikes
Carl Cox talks bikes Carl Cox talks bikes Carl Cox talks bikes
Rock out with your Cox out! Carl talks about his love for motorcycles...

House music DJ and producer, the UK-based Carl Cox is a man of many talents. And the one thing he loves, apart from making dance music of course, is motorcycles. The 50-year-old, who has his own record label in the UK, has had his own radio show for 10 years (with a listenership of more than 15 million people every week!) and who still DJs live all over the world, collects motorcycles, loves to ride and even sponsors a team in the Ducati 848 Challenge series in the UK.

LCR Honda’s Inspire magazine caught up with Cox for a chat for their September issue last year. Here are some excerpts:

“Ah, the bikes! Yeah, I can’t tell you how much I love them. I have just bought bikes 47, 48 and 49. I’m just waiting for my Ducati Diavel AMG. That will be my 50th bike and I can’t wait for it to turn up. It’s addictive. My first real superbike was a Honda, though I didn’t pick that up until 2007. That was the bike that changed it all for me, in the sense of riding and what a bike can actually do. But also, I like the power of them. I mean, everybody likes the power, the controllability, how easy it is to ride.”

“Your top riders who have initial skills beyond these bikes say that these bikes are so easy to ride that they get bored. I don’t know how you can get bored with 1,000cc worth of superbike! The way these go are enough for me in terms of adrenaline!”

“It got to the point for me where I didn’t want to keep buying the same bike year after year, so I stopped at Fireblade 2007. The way bikes keep developing, there is not much more they can do for me where I am at with my collection now, so I have actually started going backwards in my collection, buying Mustangs and things like that. I have come so far with these bikes, it’s become a bit of an obsession. It has come to a point where my life has become complete due to my love of motorcycles. I enjoy the freedom, the open road, all the clichés! And with the job I have, it clears the head and that is important.”

“Is it relaxing? Well, riding a Honda or a Ducati on the open road, around twists and bends, isn’t too relaxing to be honest! But where you’re in control, all you’re thinking about is riding and when you get home you feel good about what you’ve just done.”

Cox also spoke to Adelaide Now last year, about going to MotoGP races and his friendship with The Doctor. “Valentino Rossi comes to my parties in Italy and Spain. He has a house in Ibiza, so we have got to know each other really well. I told him, next time you're in Melbourne, drop in because it's not that far to the track. He arrived straight from the Malaysian Grand Prix and was really tired. He basically curled up on the sofa and slept for hours,” said Cox. “I am relatively young at motorbike riding. I know what it's like to be an artist, to be followed and quoted. I know what it's like to be Rossi. When we get together, it's got nothing to do with the other. He's as star struck about me, as I am about him. But because we know each other and respect each other's work, there's a reason it works,” he added.

Anyone who's bought 50 motorcycles, hangs out with Valentino Rossi, and plays some of the world's best dance music at 50 years of age, has our respect

Sources: Inspire, Adelaide Now
Also see: Carl Cox’s official website and mixcloud page

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