Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2014 Yamaha MT-09 triple is ‘The Dark Side of Japan’

2014 Yamaha MT-09
2014 Yamaha MT-09 2014 Yamaha MT-09 2014 Yamaha MT-09 2014 Yamaha MT-09 2014 Yamaha MT-09 2014 Yamaha MT-09
Lean and adequately powerful, the 2014 MT-09 is the first bike to get Yamaha's all-new 850cc three-cylinder engine. Should be fun to ride...

To be honest, we were rather hoping that Yamaha’s ‘Dark Side of Japan’ would be something truly insane. A naked YZF-R1, with a turbocharger bolted on, or maybe a supercharged VMAX…? But, no, the Dark Side is actually a bit more… subdued. It’s the all-new, 2014-model MT-09 (FZ-09 in the US), with a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 850cc three-cylinder engine that pumps out 115 horsepower and 87Nm of torque, die-cast aluminium chassis and swingarm, naked, quasi-supermotard styling and an upright riding position that should be useful in the city. The bike weighs 188 kilos (wet weight), which is not bad at all.

The 2014 Yamaha MT-09 has a full complement of electronics (YCC-T, D-MODE, ABS etc.), a near horizontally-mounted monoshock at the back, 17-inch alloy wheels (shod with 120/70 and 180/55 rubber), 298mm brake discs at the front, wide handlebars, long and flat seat, a 14-litre fuel tank and a 3-into-1 exhaust system. Overall, the MT-09 is not too bad really – it should actually be fun to ride. And at £6,799 plus taxes in the UK ($7,990 for the FZ-09 in the US) it's good value too. But ‘The Dark Side of Japan’…? Really?

Official Yamaha MT-09 video after the jump...


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