Sunday, September 08, 2013

2014 Kawasaki ZX-14R unveiled

If there was just one Kawasaki that we could have, it would be this, the 2014 ZX-14R. We'd take the one in black with ride stripes...

Kawasaki have released the first official pics and details of the 2014 ZX-14R (known as the ZZR1400 in Europe) and what you really need to know about this 200-horsepower hyperbike is that it’s still the fastest production motorcycle in the world. The 1441cc inline-four is the star here, everything else is merely incidental.

Yes, there’s a slipper clutch here, and KTRC traction control and ABS and an aluminium monocoque chassis. The 2014 model’s 10-spoke alloy wheels are 3lbs lighter than the ones on the 2013 model, suspension settings have been tweaked for better ride quality, and the levels of fit and finish have been improved further. But all that really matters is, in a straight line, there’s no other production motorcycle in the world that can keep up with a ZX-14R. That, and the bike’s quad-projector headlamps, which make it look properly badass.

Damn, we so want to buy one of these ourselves...

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