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2014 Honda VFR800F unveiled at the EICMA

new high-res images of the 2014 Honda VFR800F new high-res images of the 2014 Honda VFR800F new high-res images of the 2014 Honda VFR800F new high-res images of the 2014 Honda VFR800F
The 2014 Honda VFR800F, now better than ever before. We'd take this over the heavier, more complicated VFR1200F

For 2014, Honda have announced a new VFR800F, the latest iteration of the machine that started life in the mid-1980s as the Honda VFR750F. The VFR actually remained a 750 until 1997, after which it was replaced with the VFR800, which then got VTEC in 2002. The VFR1200F came along in 2009 but that bigger, heavier, more complicated sports-tourer has never really been able to ‘replace’ the much-loved VFR800.

So, anyway, Honda have a new VFR800F for 2014, with more of what makes the bike so desirable – gorgeous red paint, single-sided ‘Pro-arm’ swingarm, styling that’s ageless and, of course, a smooth, powerful and refined 782cc V4 engine with variable valve timing (VTEC). Plus, the new VFR800F also gets updated suspension, new wheels and bodywork, adjustable seat height, standard-fit traction control system, ABS, heated grips and new self-cancelling indicators. The new VFR800F is 10kg lighter than the previous model and its engine has been retuned for greater low- and mid-range torque.

Equipped with VTEC, the new VFR800’s liquid-cooled, 16-valve, DOHC V4 now produces 104 horsepower at 10,250rpm and 75Nm of torque at 8,500 revs. VTEC valve timing still operates one pair of inlet/exhaust valves per cylinder at low rpm, and then switches to four as revs rise, but Honda claim that the transition is now seamless. “Combined with the uprated torque, the effect is a remarkably linear power delivery and effortless overtaking at highway speeds,” claim Honda.

With PGM-FI, the 2014 VFR800F is able to deliver up to 17.8km/l in terms of fuel economy and with revisions to the bike’s aluminium twin-spar chassis, kerb weight has been reduced from 249 to 239kg. The aluminium single-sided Pro-arm swingarm and 43mm Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) telescopic fork are all-new, and the latter feature stepless spring preload adjustment. The HMAS gas-charged rear shock operates through a Pro-Link suspension linkage with remote spring preload and also offers stepless rebound damping adjustment.

The new VFR800F rides on 17-inch alloy wheels, shod with 120/70 (front) and 180/55 (rear) tyres. Twin 310mm brake discs at the front and single 256mm disc at the back take care of stopping duties, LED lights are used for the first time on the VFR and the bike’s 21.5-litre fuel tank offers a 350km plus cruising range.

A range of accessories are available for the new VFR800F from Honda, including a race-style shift assist system for clutchless upshifts, rear hugger that protects the shock and Pro-Link rear suspension from crud, colour-matched top box and panniers and security kit etc.

The new VFR800 (above) sure looks good...

...but even the old wasn't that bad, eh? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Very nice VFR800 Vtec; just bought a '03 model with only 21000 km! Can somebody tell me were to find dark indicator (or lenzes) at the front? Thanx in advance!
Erik, The Netherlands :

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