Tuesday, November 05, 2013

2014 Kawasaki Z1000 unveiled at the EICMA

The beastly, new, 2014-spec Kawasaki Z1000 is simply awesome!

Kawasaki have finally fired their big cannon for this year’s EICMA, unveiling the beastly new Z1000. With its evil-looking ‘Sugomi’ styling, and 1043cc inline-four that pumps out 142 horsepower and 111Nm of torque, combined with the bike’s 220kg kerb weight, this is one Z that’s not prepared to take bullshit from anyone.

Compared to its predecessor, which seems tame as a lowly mouse in comparison, the new Z1000 gets increased low- and mid-range power, new, more aggressive ECU settings for sharper throttle response, shorter overall gearing for improved acceleration (oh, and a new, slightly taller 6th gear helps maintain reasonable revs at highway speeds, so comfort and economy don’t suffer on longer rides), a 4-into-2-pre-chamber-into-2 exhaust system and a new chassis based on the one used on the ZX-10R Ninja.

The new Kawasaki Z1000 also gets uprated wheels, brakes and suspension components, to keep in step with the aggressive new styling and uprated, more powerful engine. Interesting new bits include a new, fully adjustable 41mm ‘separate function big piston’ fork (SFF-BP), preload- and rebound-damping adjustable horizontally positioned rear monoshock, twin 310mm brake discs at the front with monobloc radial-mount 4-piston calipers, standard ABS, lightweight, 6-spoke wheels for reduced unsprung weight, 17-litre fuel tank for improved range, new, reflector-less LED headlight and taillamp, knurled metal footpegs and wide, large-diameter aluminium handlebars for better leverage.

We have to say, we absolutely LOVE this Kawasaki – for us, it’s right up there with our much-beloved ZZR1400…

2014 Kawasaki Z100: Tech Specs
Engine: 1043cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC, 16-valve inline-four
Power and Torque: 142bhp at 10,000rpm and 111Nm at 7,300rpm
Transmission: 6-speed
Chassis: Aluminum backbone
Wheels and Tyres: 17-inch 6-spoke alloy wheels with 120/70 (front) and 190/50 (rear) tyres
Kerb weight: 221kg (with ABS)
Price: US$11,999
Warranty: 12 months

Note from Kawasaki: The Japanese word ‘Sugomi’ describes the intense aura or energy given off by a person or object of greatness and felt by the viewer. Someone, or something, possessing Sugomi inspires awe, leaves an indelible impression, is daunting in stature or ability, and commands respect. In the new Kawasaki Z1000, Sugomi is evident both in its fiercely intense design and the exhilarating performance it delivers, radiating as a palpable energy.

And, below, an older Z1000 that's not too bad either!

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