Thursday, November 07, 2013

2014 Yamaha Tricity tilting trike unveiled at the EICMA

The Yamaha Tricity will be on sale next year...

Following the example set by the Piaggio MP3, Yamaha have also unveiled their production-read tilting trike, the three-wheeled Tricity, which will be fitted with a liquid-cooled 125cc 4-stroke engine and CVT automatic transmission, and will go on sale by mid-2014. “The new Tricity is designed specifically to attract a wide range of users – scooter riders, former riders, motorists, but especially those who have never rode a two-wheeler,” says a press note from Yamaha.

According to Yamaha, what makes the Tricity unique is that it’s significantly lighter (dry weight is 150kg) and more compact that other three-wheeled scooters on the market, and that it is more agile and maneuverable than its competition. Also, the Tricity’s underseat storage compartment can take a full-face helmet.

Yamaha say that the Tricity will be priced at less than 4,000 euros when this trike goes on sale next year.

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