Thursday, November 07, 2013

Bimota sold to Swiss-based businesmen, all-new Bimota BB3 unveiled at the EICMA
Unveiled at this year's EICMA motorcycle show, the new Bimota BB3 is likely to go into production by early-2015. The bike is powered by the BMW S1000RR's 193bhp inline-four

Set up by the trio of Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri and Massimo Tamburini back in 1973, Bimota have had more than their fair share up ups and downs over the last four decades. Based in Rimini, Italy, the company has again been sold recently and, according to a press note that we have from them, Bimota will now be led by Marco Chiancianesi and Daniele Longoni. The note doesn’t say much about who these gentlemen are, apart from telling us that both are musicians and motorcycle enthusiasts. From other sources, we know that the two are based in Switzerland, where they have a thriving construction and real-estate business.

Bimota is really charming, with an incredible brand that deserves to go back to its former glory. We are working to organize better business processes to meet this challenge,” says Marco Chiancianesi, President, Bimota. “Attention to the rider must return to the center of business activities, such as the customer of a tailor in his studio. For now, I can only say that we are working to build a global network devoted to excellence,” adds Daniele Longoni, Bimota’s Vice President and Commercial Director.

We love all of Bimota’s indomitable spirit and many of their fast, stylish motorcycles – especially some of the older Bimotas like the SB6, YB6, YB11 and the Tesi 1D. But coming back to the present, at the currently ongoing EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy, Bimota have unveiled the new BB3, which has been designed by one Andrea Acquaviva and is powered by the BMW S1000RR’s 193bhp inline-four. With its trellis frame and carbonfibre bodywork, the Bimota BB3 is remarkably lightweight, weighing in at just 179 kilos, though we have to say we don’t think it’s anywhere near as fabulously good looking as the Bimota BB2 that was shown at the EICMA last year. Still, we hope that unlike the BB2, the BB3 will actually make it to production sometime next year.

Apart from the new BB3, Bimota will also be celebrating their 40th birthday in a rather special way – they’ll be building 40 units of the Tesi 40th edition, which will all be sold to fans of the Bimota marque and people who’ve always dreamed of owning a motorcycle with a front swingarm and hub-centre steering. The bike will be fitted with an 1100cc air-cooled V-twin from Ducati.

“Emotion, passion, heart, are words that you will hear more and more often in Bimota. In Bimota the music has changed, the evolution from chrysalis to beautiful butterfly has begun and cannot be stopped,” says a press note from the company. We wish them all the best and hope that the BB3 and the supercharged DB11 VLX go into production sometime soon.

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The Bimota BB3 in action at the Northwest 200

The all-new Bimota DBX (above) dual-purpose machine was also on display at EICMA

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