Wednesday, November 20, 2013

World Moto reinvents the (motorcycle) wheel

World Moto's "Wheelies" technology allows you to display full-colour images and video on motorcycle wheels...!

All right, not really. Based in Thailand, World Moto haven’t really reinvented the motorcycle wheel, but they have made it a damn sight snazzier. Forget carbonfibre and unsprung weight, this is about a new technology that actually transforms motorcycle wheels into screens that are capable of displaying full-colour images and video!

World Moto’s ‘Wheelies’ technology, first shown at the Sign Asia Expo in Thailand last week, basically consists of a set of LEDs attached to an alloy wheel’s spokes, though it gets a bit more complex from there. “You have to track where the wheel is, and at any given time, you have to know the exact position of each blade. Then you have to light the LEDs based on what you want the picture to be, and you have to do that very fast, explains World Moto CTO, Chris Ziomkowski, speaking to David Zax of Fast Company.

“The technology has the potential to turn essentially any wheel in the world into a brilliant, full-color billboard or video screen,” adds World Moto CEO, Paul Giles, again speaking to Zax. According to World Moto, this “Wheelies” technology can work on any wheel in the world or even anything else that’s spinning. The Thai company is confident that they will be able to find a sufficient number of buyers for this technology and expect “Wheelies” to start making money for them by next year.

So would you want to stream your favourite YouTube videos on the front wheel of your GSX-R1000? But of course, yes! :-D

Source: Fast Company

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