Friday, February 21, 2014

Lotus C-01: High-res pics, specs, details

The 200bhp Lotus C-01 is here...!
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Lotus Motorcycles, announced last year as a joint project between Kodewa, car designer Daniel Simon and the Holzer Group, have now released the first official high-res renders of their first motorcycle, the C-01. Kodewa now have a license from Group Lotus plc to produce motorcycles, and the C-01 prototype is said to be production-ready.

The Lotus C-01 is powered by a 1200cc V-twin that produces 200 horsepower and the bodywork, made of carbonfibre, titanium and aerospace-spec steel, has been designed by Daniel Simon. Some of the available liveries, as you can see from the pics here, pay homage to Lotus' racing heritage. And production of the C-01 will be limited to just 100 units.

"We set out to create a bike that isn’t just great to ride but also represents a piece of art in motion. Over the years I have seen my fair share of style over substance, what this bike brings to the market is a unique combination of both; state-of-the-art technology with a truly jaw-dropping aesthetic," says Kodewa’s Dr Colin Kolles. "I was one of the first people to ride it and I have to say I was very impressed. Together we have found that delicate balance between raw, aggressive power and breath-taking handling. The team has created something very special, it looks incredible, it sounds fantastic but above all, the ride is sensational," adds G√ľnther Holzer, CEO of Holzer Group.

"The design process of the C-01 was a labour of love. We have worked hard to create a motorcycle with very distinctive features such as a clean main body, an extremely low side profile, a bold stance, a unique air intake, logical partline solutions and clean graphics," concludes the bike's designer, Daniel Simon.

Lotus C-01: Tech Specs
Engine: 1195cc, 75° water-cooled V-twin
Power: 200bhp
Transmission: 6-speed, hydraulic clutch
Chassis: Steel/Titanium/Carbonfibre frame
Brakes: Twin 320mm discs (front) with 4-piston calipers, single 220mm disc (rear) with 2-piston caliper
Fuel tank capacity: 10.5 litres
Dry weight: 181 kg
Wheels and tyres: 120/70 ZR19 (front), 190/55 ZR17 (rear)

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Bram Stolk said...

These are computer renderings, not photographs. I'm not sure they actually built a bike. If the did, they would photograph it.

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