Monday, April 28, 2014

Yamaha to put electric sports bikes into production soon

Yamaha PES1 electric sportsbike Yamaha PED1 electric sportsbike
From left: The Yamaha PES1 and PED1 electric bikes are likely to go into production within the next two years...

In their 2013 Annual Report, Yamaha have indicated the possibility of launching a brand-new range of electric motorcycles in the near future. "We are making further advances in smart power technologies of motors, batteries and controls. With drive units and batteries that are among the smallest and lightest in their class, and service functions that link smartphones and vehicle information, we are opening new fields in the area of electric bikes," says the report.

"In sports motorcycles, we are working to create new value with EV sports motorcycles, which we aim to launch in the near future, with the development of the small, on-road sports PES1, as well as the PED1, which are being developed to expand the scope of electric vehicles to the off-road world. In addition to the advantages of being electrically powered, these motorcycles will offer the operability expected by existing motorcycle fans, together with a new riding experience," it adds.

In addition to the electric motorcycles mentioned above, Yamaha's Annual Report also mentions that Yamaha are exploring various other kind of "personal mobility devices," including tilting three-wheelers and four-wheelers that might offer unprecedented levels of safety, riding dynamics that conventional two-wheelers simply cannot match and performance that "revs your heart!"

Umm... okay, we don't have a problem with electric sports bikes for smartphone-addicts. We just hope Yamaha will also do a BMW S1000RR HP4-rivalling YZF-R1 next year. Or is that already too much to ask for...? :-(

The Yamaha PES1 in action!

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