Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yard Built Yamaha XV950 Pure Sports pays homage to the 1980s FZ750

The Yard Built XV950 Pure Sports looks damn cool!

Created by Italian moto-magazine LowRide, the Yard Built Yamaha XV950 Pure Sports features a paintjob that fans of 1980s sportsbikes will immediately recognize – the white-red-black colours could only come from the Yamaha FZ750. “LowRide has transformed the new Sport Heritage Yamaha XV950 into a unique street racer with an artisanal flavour, by altering the riding position and styling to really bring out the sports spirit,” says a blurb on the Yamaha Europe website.

The Yamaha XV950 Pure Sports remains in stock mechanical condition, but its half fairing and tail unit are inspired by the 1985 Yamaha FZ750 and have been fashioned out of sheet aluminium. Ergonomics have been made sportier, there’s a custom-built leather saddle and a custom-built 2-into-1 exhaust system.

“We had so much fun riding the new Yamaha XV950 on the winding roads up and down the hills of California during its international press launch. Once we got it on the tricky streets of Milan, we appreciated how well it handled and we literally made sparks fly climbing the Apennine Mountains,” says Giuseppe Roncen, Editor, LowRide. “We tried to unleash its sports soul, but without compromising the easy ride-ability, comfort and enviable balance. Without indulging in an exercise of style just for style's sake, our team designed the XV950 Pure Sports with absolutely no compromises on dynamics and functionality,” he adds.

“Amongst Yamaha's most emblematic models, we identified the legendary FZ750 as a worthy representation of an entire era. Everyone can picture their ideal street racer; this is ours. It's unique, sporty but not extreme. Anyone can ride this bike and appreciate it. Thanks to the way the standard Yamaha XV950 is built, we reckon that you don't need to have expensive special parts and irreversible alterations to realise the dream,” says Danilo Seclì, XV950 Pure Sports project leader.

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