Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Bultaco Rapitan, Rapitan Sport unveiled, production to start in 2015

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From top left: Francisco 'Paco' Bulto, the five co-founders of the revived Bultaco and the new Bultaco Rapitan and Rapitan Sport electric motorcycle prototypes

Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Bultaco, which was set up in 1958 by Francisco 'Paco' Bulto, and which was shut down in 1983, will soon start making motorcycle again. Bultaco Motors is being revived by a group of five men - Gerald Pollmann (Chairman and co-founder), Juan Manuel Vinos (CEO and co-founder), Jorge Bonilla (Secretary General and co-founder), Jose German Perez (R&D Manager and co-founder) and Paul Perez (Head of Prototypes and co-founder).

"Bultaco’s values today are the same as when it was founded - innovation, passion and competition. The first [new] models will have an advanced electrical propulsion system. The product range was envisioned for people who appreciate the sensations of a motorcycle and who are seeking a new kind of mobility," says a press release from the Company, which will have its manufacturing facility in Barcelona and an innovation centre in Madrid.

The revived Bultaco will, according to its co-founders, offer motorcycles that feature "advanced technological solutions" and "disruptive technology," so you can expect to see the use of hybrid/electrical powertrains and ultra-light materials.

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The Bultaco Rapitan (top) and Rapitan Sport will feature advanced electric propulsion. No air-cooled two-strokes or even a telescopic front suspension this time around!

The Bultaco Rapitan and Bultaco Rapitan Sport prototypes that you see here feature lithium-ion battery packs and advanced electric motors instead of the conventional internal-combustion engine. The bikes are expected to go into production in 2015. "What began as a thesis project has become a company with the size and solidity needed to create a new generation of Bultaco motorcycles," says Juan Manuel Vinós, CEO and co-founder. "We were not looking for a prestigious name for a promising project; it was something different. Bultaco’s hallmarks from the start, namely its spirit of constant striving, its technological innovation and its passion for motorcycles, are the same hallmarks we have today. They are timeless values," he adds.

"Judging from my experience, we have a team that is capable in all aspects of the project: the technology, the design, the industrialisation and the sales," says Gerald Pöl lmann, Chairman and co-founder of the revived Bultaco Motors, which will soon set up its sales network in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The project is said to have the full support of the Bulto family.

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Bultaco is a legendary name. Angel Nieto rode for Bultaco at one time, as did the late, great, Barry Sheene. We hope the Bultaco comeback is a success!

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