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Ronax 500: 160bhp, 2-stroke GP bike for the road!

Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500
500cc 2-stroke V4, 160bhp, 145kg dry weight. Aluminium beam frame, carbonfibre bodywork. 100,000 euro price tag. Yes, the Ronax 500 is for real

Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour? They damn well do. In an age where so many motorcycle manufacturers are scrambling to earn green points and evaluating all kinds of battery-powered electric bikes, there's the Ronax 500, a two-stroke 500cc MotoGP bike for the road. And it's from Dresden, Germany.

Inspired by Valentino Rossi's Honda NSR500 of the early-2000s, the Ronax 500 is actually powered by a fuel-injected 500cc 2-stroke V4, which spits out 160 horsepower at 11,500rpm. An aluminium beam chassis, banana-type aluminium swingarm, fully adjustable Ohlins suspension and carbonfibre bodywork complete the package. And since dry weight is a mere 145 kilos, performance should be truly stratospheric, ja? Mein Gott, was haben die Deutschen das rauchen?!

With lights, indicators and rear-view mirrors etc., the Ronax 500 is fully road legal. Production will be limited to 46 units and the bike comes with a price tag of 100,000 euros, plus VAT as applicable. Put down a deposit of about 40,000 euros now, and your bike will be delivered to you in six months, during which you can also, if you wish, test a Ronax 500 on a racing circuit. Interested? Get more details on the Ronax website.

Ronax 500: Tech Specs
Engine: 499cc, fuel-injected, 2-stroke, 80-degree V4 with two counter-rotating crankshafts and electronic starter
Power: 160bhp at 11,500rpm
Exhaust: Four stainless steel tuned pipes with carbon end cans
Gearbox: 6-speed, cassette type
Clutch: Multi-disc clutch in oil bath
Chassis: Aluminium bridge frame, CNC processed, steering head fully adjustable, aluminium swingarm
Suspension: 43mm Öhlins USD fork (front), Öhlins TTX monoshock (rear), both ends fully adjustable
Wheels: 17-inch forged aluminium
Brakes: Brembo monobloc, forged aluminium, 4 pistons, floating 320mm disc (front), Brembo, forged aluminium, 2 pistons, 210mm disc (rear)
Steering damper: Öhlins
Bodywork: Carbonfibre

Official video and many more pics after the jump...

Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500 Ronax 500

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Awesome, about time for some sweet throw backs! I miss the old GP's!

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