Monday, September 29, 2014

2015 Yamaha MT07 Moto Cage unveiled

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Moto Cage is the Yamaha MT 07 for those who like to pull a wheelie or do a stoppie every once in a while...

Yamaha claim that the MT 07 has gone extreme. "The Dark Side of Japan meets the acrobatic stunt world with this new variation of Yamaha’s best selling MT 07," claims a press note from the Japanese company.

So just how "extreme" can a 700cc twin get? Well, the MT 07 Moto Cage features bold new graphics (ahem..) and a range of stunt-inspired of chassis components, including frame-mounted engine guards, tubular under guard, lightweight knuckle protectors, protective stickers on the bodywork and an adjustable front light mask. There's also a new passenger seat and lightweight radiator guards finished in red.

The MT 07 Moto Cage's red front wheel / black rear wheel combo, along with the bike's matt gray base colour look cool, and an Akrapovic exhaust is optional.

To celebrate the launch of the new MT 07 Moto Cage, Polish stunt rider RafaƂ Pasierbek (aka Stunter13) has been chosen by Yamaha to be the MT’s official stunt rider. You can watch him strut his stuff on In the meanwhile, the Moto Cage will be in Yamaha dealerships from November this year.

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